6 Tips To make Your Wedding Day Less Stressful

There is no doubt that weddings can be stressful to plan as well as attend.  You want everything to be perfect, from your hair and makeup to the decorations at the reception.  We want you to relax and enjoy your wedding.  Therefore, here are 6 wedding...

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The Six Ps of Selecting a Wedding Photographer

Selecting a wedding photographer is a huge decision. After all, once the wedding day is over, the flowers, decorations, food, and cakes are gone and what you have left are the memories. if you’ve selected the right photographer, every time you look at your images...

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Wedding Albums vs. Digital Images

Think 10 years from now. You are sitting on the couch with your daughter and she asks if you have any wedding photos. Of course you do; however, will you go to the bookshelf and pull out a beautiful wedding album with memories of the day in full color, or do you have...

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Do I Need A Wedding Album?

There is a song and a book, “Everyone has a Story.” An important part of your life’s story is your wedding. The photographers you hire to document your wedding are there to help you tell the story of your wedding day. Tracy and I got into photography to help tell the...

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7 Ways To Entertain Kids At Your Wedding

We all wish we had the energy of our children, but there are some instances in which we'd rather they not be quite so lively.  We may get a big kick out of seeing little Johnny go running down the isle holding a Here Comes the Bride sign and have an inside joke...

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Fireworks at your Wedding

Out of curiosity I looked up how much time actually goes into planning a wedding. My mind was blown to read that the average wedding takes around 250 hours to plan. I am a sales rep for a display fireworks company based out of Richland Missouri called Premier...

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What Kind Of Wedding Ceremony Will You Have?

Image by Photos By Gum As an engaged couple plans for their big wedding day, sometimes the actual wedding ceremony is one of the last details to be addressed. And that’s OK. So many big and expensive details can and do take precedent.  But when the couple is...

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January 19th, 2020

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