Wedding Albums vs. Digital Images

Think 10 years from now. You are sitting on the couch with your daughter and she asks if you have any wedding photos. Of course you do; however, will you go to the bookshelf and pull out a beautiful wedding album with memories of the day in full color, or do you have to scroll through your phone images, or better yet, dig through a drawer to find the right DVD or flash drive. Of course, 10 years from now, will you be able to find those images. Phones will have changed drastically, and flash drives may be obsolete, (think floppy disks). And the cloud, well how long will it take you to find the exact images you’re looking for out of the thousands you will have saved over the last 10 years.

Wedding albums are a tangible object that can become an heirloom to pass on for generations. You can pick it up, turn the pages and suddenly the memories of that spectacular day come flooding back to you. Are you lucky enough to have inherited wedding photos from your parents wedding day, or even your grandparents’ day? Your wedding album should be a high-quality product that you’ll be able to pass down to your children in the future. Don’t settle for a website program for your wedding album. Use a professional photographer that can make it happen for you.

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Some wedding photographers provide both a wedding album and digital images. Find a photographer who is a licensed professional, with a reputation for providing exceptional services and quality products and gives the option to provide edited images both digitally and in printed wedding albums.

On a side note, do you or your parents have any old VHS tapes laying around of when you were a kid sledding down the hill, or laughing on the beach during a vacation? If so, you need to get those tapes transferred to a more modern media or they’ll be gone forever. The tapes are slowly disintegrating. So keep in mind, as technology advances, take your old DVDs or flash drives and copy them on to whatever is the newest thing so that you’ll always have those important images available.

Photos by Gum

Now, back to 10 years from now, as you’re sitting on the couch with your daughter perusing your wedding album. You can watch her eyes light up as you turn the pages and she can see how beautiful you looked on the wedding day. She can see the smile on her daddy’s face the first time he set eyes on you in your full wedding glory. And you can hear a giggle when she sees her uncle doing “The Floss” on the dancefloor (well maybe you chose not to put that one in the album). No matter what, these images will now be a part of your daughter’s memories, something for her to build on some day when it’s her turn to experience one of the most important days in any woman’s life.Photos By Gum is a full service photography studio that provides quality wedding albums, wall portraits and digital images to our wedding couples.

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