Do I Need A Wedding Album?

There is a song and a book, “Everyone has a Story.” An important part of your life’s story is your wedding. The photographers you hire to document your wedding are there to help you tell the story of your wedding day. Tracy and I got into photography to help tell the story of our family. And like so many other photographers we got into the wedding photography business to help couples tell their wedding day story. A question we get asked often is “Do we need a wedding album?”

The wedding photographer you hire can help you tell your story by providing you with a wedding album. The wedding album tells the story of your wedding from when you first arrive to get ready for your beautiful day. To when your mom, maid of honor and bridesmaids helps you get into your gorgeous dress.  When your soon to be husband sees you in that gorgeous dress for the first time. His tears of joy and happiness are frozen in time by the photographer. Then you take your vows and finally get to kiss as husband and wife, a memory that will live on in vivid detail within the pages of your wedding album. Finally, the reception when you cut the wedding cake hand in hand. Your first dance together, cheek to cheek, a cherished moment between husband and wife. All of these memories of your wedding are the start of something much greater than the sum of two people. It is the start of a lifelong relationship that will build, as the years pass, into a wonderful family. This is where the story of your family begins.

Here are a few questions to consider when looking for a wedding photographer. Does the photographer offer you a wedding album in their wedding collections? Does the photographer design the wedding album for you to approve and/or change? Does the photographer allow for album upgrades within their wedding collections? Does the photographer offer parent wedding albums? 

Gary and Tracy Northrip