7 Ways To Entertain Kids At Your Wedding

We all wish we had the energy of our children, but there are some instances in which we’d rather they not be quite so lively.  We may get a big kick out of seeing little Johnny go running down the isle holding a Here Comes the Bride sign and have an inside joke about it when he’s an adult, but not everyone wants laughter as they’re walking toward their future.  For some couples, they even consider making a wedding “adults only”.

If you’d like to have the little tykes at your wedding but would prefer to keep them occupied so the adults can still have a good time, check out these 7 ways to keep kids entertained at your wedding.

  1. Hire out a sitter service for the day.  Do your research and find someone trustworthy or maybe several someones if you’ll have lots of kiddos. Hiring babysitters for the day lets everyone still enjoy the formal parts of the wedding but then the kids can still participate in the fun when the reception begins. 
  2. Get them involved in the ceremony.  Everyone always oohs and aahs at the ringbearer and flower girl as they stroll in front of the bride.  Usually you get some really cute photos and a few chuckles.  There are risks involved like a total toddler meltdown, but this can sometimes be remedied by bringing along their favorite stuffed animal or snuggy items.  This can also be motivation to keep them walking in the right direction in the isle too so they make it all the way to the end in a timely manner.
  3. Have a kids’ corner at your reception, a dedicated place for the young ones to sit with books, coloring pages, building blocks, etc.  As the newlyweds, you may not have tons of toys sitting around your own homes, so contact your sister, cousins, or whoever has kids and see if they’re willing to supply the toys, etc. for the day.
  4. Consider having a nap area.  You can even put out some bean bags, pillows and blankets so if they get tired they can crash while the party continues.  Kids can sleep through just about anything.  Again having a sitting in this space would be advisable for kid’s safety.
  5. Get them moving.  If your reception is indoors, the DJ may be your best friend.  Let them know ahead of time that there will be kids there and what some of their fave songs might be.  This will put a smile on their faces and have everyone laughing and cheering while they boogie their little hearts out.
  6. For outdoor weddings, find lawn games.  Lawn dice, dominoes, Jenga, etc. are great entertainment for both kids and adults alike. These can also serve as entertainment after the ceremony and before the reception starts during your cocktail hour when formal pictures are being taken.  Bubbles are also inexpensive and what kids doesn’t love bubbles.
  7. Have kid friendly foods.  You might really want crab and lobster bisque but that isn’t something my two year old would want to eat.  Have your catering staff prepare some finger foods for the kiddos.  This will also stave off the dreaded “hangry” baby syndrome and keep everyone’s ears free of temper tantrums.

Bonus – Have disposal cameras sitting on the tables at the reception.  We did this at our own wedding. Yes, you’ll get some weird and many times hilarious shots of shoes, ceilings, and blurred faces, but you’ll also capture shots that no one else could get from the perspective of two and a half feet off the floor.  We gained so many great pictures at our reception with our little amateur photographers.

Kids can be the life of the party.  They create wonderful memories that last a lifetime and can make your special day more than perfect.  All it takes is a little extra planning and everything will go smoothly and keep them happy, healthy and safe at your wedding.

Melissa Talbott

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