Fireworks at your Wedding

Out of curiosity I looked up how much time actually goes into planning a wedding. My mind was blown to read that the average wedding takes around 250 hours to plan.

I am a sales rep for a display fireworks company based out of Richland Missouri called Premier Pyrotechnics. We have been in business for 20 years and we shoot city and corporate fireworks displays all across the Midwest. Over the years we have shot fireworks at a number of weddings but we had never really targeted that market. In fall of 2018 we began marketing at wedding expos to drum up some business away from the typical “fireworks holidays” as well as allowing us the opportunity to provide a unique, over the top touch that will not quickly be forgotten.

If you are planning a wedding and decide to go to a wedding expo you probably have a list of things you are looking for. You know that you will have to have a venue. You are most likely going to be looking for a photographer, caterer, DJ, and depending on the size of the show you will be tasting around 32 different wedding cakes. No one goes to the show planning to book fireworks for their wedding. Most people haven’t even thought of it as a possibility.

The truth is fireworks may not be practical for every wedding. It’s not impossible but it  would be challenging to pull off the downtown densely populated metro area or the early day wedding and reception. As much as I would love to sell fireworks for every wedding I don’t think it will ever be a main stream idea to have fireworks at your wedding and that’s fine with me because it will remain unique.

When I am working my booth in the wedding expos I often remind brides of the Dr. Seuse quote “why try to fit in when you were born to stand out!” It’s ok to do something different than everyone else!

If you were looking to hire an entertainer for your wedding and you wanted something that would reach every age group in your guest list, you would have a difficult task. How many wedding receptions have you attended that grandma and grandpa decide it’s time to roll when the music starts. I am not suggesting that you cut the fun music from your reception.(I’m personally a fan)

Wouldn’t it be amazing if at your wedding you could create an experience so incredible that you and your guests would never forget it. You have shared something extremely special with them. Never again will you see a fireworks display without the positive association of how amazing you felt the day you married your best friend!

I’m not a gimmicky sales guy, I really get excited about the experience we provide. I also love that this is not something only aimed at wealthy people, it is for people that want to create an unforgettable experience.

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