How to Say “I Do”

When engaged couples plan for their big wedding day, sometimes the actual wedding ceremony is one of the last details to be addressed.

So many other items can and do take precedent. But when the couple is ready to sit down and discuss wedding and ring exchange vows, scripture readings, perhaps a memorial for a loved one who has passed and how to personalize the ceremony to be the most meaningful to them it is a daunting task. This is where the wedding officiant plays a vital role. The officiant can help tailor the ceremony to be an extremely personal and meaningful event.

Today there are many options, some traditional and some very innovative, that allow the couple a unique opportunity to convey their personalities and family situations. The traditional Candle Lighting ceremony is a visual combining of two separate individuals into a unifying oneness. However, many couples now are going beyond that and using a Sand Ceremony, Colored Glass Ceremony, Unity Cross Ceremony or God’s Know Cord of Three Strands ceremony to convey the same idea of two separate lives combining into one inseparable entity.

As an ordained minister, I urge engaged couples to research these ceremonies and decide if one would be appropriate for their wedding, reflect on scripture readings that speak to their religious beliefs and actively engage their officiant in preparing the ceremony.

Jane Wright is an ordained wedding officiant, serving the Lake of the Ozarks area.

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