Are Engagement Photos Right for You?

Depending on the photographer and the wedding collections the photographer offers, an engagement session may or may not be included. But they are always a good idea. It’s not just about getting some super cool couples shots, even though that is the main reason.

For you, the engagement session is more than likely the first opportunity you have to do your first professional photos of you as a couple. It also gives you the chance to get used to a camera following you around, helping you become more comfortable when it comes to the wedding day.

Engagement sessions let you and your photographer get to know each other before the big day. You can learn about his or her style, how he interacts with you and what her expectations are. Your photographer has the chance to see how you act as a couple, what your style is and your likes and dislikes.

The end result is absolutely gorgeous images that capture your true personalities and the emotions of the day. Whether you’re hanging a beautiful wall portrait in your home, perusing an incredible wedding photo album or looking at images on your computer (that’s a subject for another blog), an engagement session will increase your satisfaction by leaps and bounds. Talk to Photos by Gum to see what we can do for you.

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And remember, keep smiling!

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