A Passion for Flowers

Peonies, Roses, Daisies, Rannunculus, Anemones, Sweet Peas, Hypericum, Hydrangeas, Eryngium, Dahlias, Solidago, Montecassino, Limonium. So many flowers, greenery and filler. So many colors, growing seasons, conditioning requirements, temperature variations and longevity considerations. The choices can be overwhelming.

We know these things and so much more. There are hundreds of varieties of roses. We know the good, the bad, the great, the subtle differences, which hold the best and open the best. We know when we can expect lily of the valley, peonies, iris and muscari. We know how to open, when to stop, how to stop and when to hold.

We know how to design. Modern, Traditional, Rustic, Romantic, Timeless, Boho, Beidermeier and Bespoke – we know. We know lace collars from the 70s, beyond large cascades of the 80s, tussy mussies of the 90s and hand tied bouquets. We know techniques. We know wire and tape, glue and foam holders and improvise when the need arises.

We love flowers…love them. We dream them.  We can’t wait to design them. We love the look, the feel, the romance they bring and the comfort they evoke. We believe an artful design of perfect blossoms can convey more passion than the most eloquent speaker. We believe a wedding should shout love, love, crazy, sweet love. We believe that some occasions deserve, demand stunning, beautiful fresh flowers. Small, intimate gatherings, big bold affairs-size matters not. Quality speaks..no, quality screams.

When hiring a florist to design, please hire an expert. One that works well with other vendors. One that focuses on fresh, beautiful, wonderful flowers. Someone who knows. Knows the details but never forgets the big picture. Hire a florist, properly trained, properly motivated. Hire someone that loves everything about the flower business.

Written by
Janine Bullock
Janine’s Flowers
Serving the Lake of the Ozarks since 1979

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